Our Fab Digital Marketing Team

Adjacktive’s digital marketing team consists of India’s leading digital marketing consultant, and young domain experts. We’re equipped with latest technologies and know-how to deliver from most simple to most complex projects in time bound manner. It is the team at Adjacktive, which is the main USP and differentiating factor.

Marketing Team That Works To Make Your Business Success

because we believe that when you win, we win

Adjacktive is a full-service digital marketing company startup with offices in Delhi. Our wide ranging services include search, social, analytics, video, creative, graphics, 2D and 3D, web and mobile development.


We might be newcomers, but people behind the Adjacktive’s story are extensively experienced and renowned names in digital marketing industry of India.

We are capable to bring to the table:

new innovative and fresh marketing ideas

latest digital technologies and their creative usages

know-how to generate tangible business value

new innovative and fresh marketing ideas

Our service delivery model consists of two factors: Customized Solutions/Services and Customer Centric Approach. These two factors ensure that we deliver the best suitable marketing services to your company/brand always, and simultaneously expand our creativity and innovation horizons. We believe each company/brand is different therefore, marketing strategy has to be different for each as well.

Our digital marketing team consists of various teams>>

Designing Team

Marketing Team

Development Team

Strategy Team

What our Digital Marketing team loves to do?

we love brainstorming, experimenting and prototyping new ideas regularly

Co-create and Collaborate

we co-create and collaborate with each other to churn out the unmatched results


we have been engineering creative content to make your company awesome online


we strategize to always deliver our most important promise to deliver business value


we always strive to innovate with new technologies, techniques and tricks


we believe in design thinking that allow us to further expand our capabilities


we don’t like complex and grand plans instead we love to keep it simple silly (KISS)

Kanishk Matta


Sonam Dahiya

Managing Director

Tarun Vashisht

CTO & Expert Web Developer


Content Expert


Content Writer & Blogger


HR & Customer Care


Content Strategist & Writer

Yash Raj Matta

Web Developer, Video Editor & Music Producer


Mobile & Web Expert


Web & SEO Writer


Official Photographer


Research Analyst & Writer

+20 Clients Served

+10 Training Sessions

3 Public Speeches

+1,200 Coffee Cups

Where Adjacktive wants to go ahead in life?

But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep...

Our ultimate goal

we want to transform world digital and revolutionize digital to make last man satisfied and happy

Our long term goal

we want to bring power of digital to all industries and governments in India, and touch million lives in India

Our short term goal

we want to become digital marketing leaders in real estate, education, ecommerce and travel industries in India


Kanishk Matta is the founder of Adjacktive, who is also a founder of successful edutech startup Learning Skills and upcoming fashion brand KOPR. Adjacktive is a startup, established in March 2016. Until now, we’ve been able to complete more than 20+ projects and acquire 20 clients from different industries.

We have designed specialized solutions for businesses in Real Estate, Education, E-commerce and Travel industries. These specialized solutions are optimized to help companies from respective industries to not only get online but ace it online.

For more details, you can contact us on to@adjacktive.com or call us on 9990339956 or 011 27241812.

We Take Special Care of Our Clients

we have helped large sized to mid-sized, small and startup companies in their endeavors to get online