Digital Marketing for Education Sector

Adjacktive's digital marketing for education sector is specially designed solution to enable schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutes to get online, reach their target audience, and generate targeted and qualified leads. We are expert at developing seamless system for lead generation for education sector in India.

Boost Your Brand with Digital Marketing for Education Sector Solution

we will not only achieve your marketing objectives but build your brand

In India, internet population has crossed 400 million mark, making India’s internet population second largest. In addition, majority of this huge internet population is in the age bracket of 15-35.

Yes, young-guns are online, every time. 

Therefore, as an educational institution, if you believe that you can easily skip digital from your marketing strategy then you are making a grave marketing blunder.

Digital is obviously a new world order, and let us tell you, it is a great place to be.

Your students are online, where are you? 

Take Your Organization On Cloud

we take your organization online and manage complete administration on cloud

Adjacktive can help you not only get online, but optimize your digital assets that will virtually open flood gates to unlimited leads for your educational institute.

By availing our digital marketing for education sector solution, we help you to:

Dramatically reduce investments, and maximize returns exponentially

Build online brand for lifelong returns and market authority

Reach your target audience online without any hassle

Install robust lead management system online

Completely manage students’ customer lifecycle online (lesser staff, lesser investments, and lesser hassle)

Convert your digital assets in to lead management engine, and virtual online university

Digital Marketing Maximum Returns at Minimal Cost

we get you the ROI, you've never seen before

At Adjacktive, our expert digital marketing team and consultants are equipped with extensive experience in education sector of India. We have proven strategies and expertise to help your institute get maximum visibility, and achieve marketing objectives in set period.

We at Adjacktive believe that digital has to be easily accessible and understandable for businesses. Therefore, we do not take in heavy jargons that may look impressive but have no worth it for you as an educational institute.

With clear intention, strategy, and business orientation, we endeavor to understand your brand, and business model, and come up with tailored digital marketing strategy that will work for your institute.

Our omni-channel digital marketing approach ensures that you are at the right place at the right time, and most importantly with right target audience.

Adjacktive has successfully provided its digital marketing for education sector solution to educational institutes. Today, many of our clients are completely reliant on digital marketing for their lead generation activity.

Learning Skills' Digital Marketing Performance Report

numbers we generated after the application of our Digital Marketing for Education sector solution, read our case study for more


Organic Traffic - Increase


No. of Daily Leads


Conversion Rate - Increase


ROI - Increase

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